Since our founding in January of 2015, we have worked tirelessly to create relationships between the medical device and engineering worlds to help children receive far more advanced technology in their robotic limbs and their disabilities such as sight and hearing impairment.

Our work with Microsoft, Unlimited Tomorrow, and Artix Entertainment alone has helped technological miracles become a part of children’s lives in medical need.

What truly sets The M.U.C.H. Foundation apart in the medical community is that their first contact with a child is through one or more of their cast members visiting the patients dressed in Hollywood quality Super Hero and Princess costumes. The children form a bond with these characters that helps them to make it through their surgeries, treatments, or even helps bring them moments of joy before they pass on. The M.U.C.H. Foundation thrives on those relationships and cares deeply for the well-being and health of every single child and family we serve.

Zachary Hurst is our Founder and Executive Director. He is a 43 year old native Floridian who believed that there was an area of need between what insurance companies would provide and the needs of the children going through medical crisis. He formed the Makers United for Children’s Hope Foundation, known as The M.U.C.H. Foundation to address this issue. His vision for the future is what drives us to excellence in both service and technological innovation.


110.jpgIn 2014, I invited the MUCH Foundation, for the first time, out to our Down Syndrome Awareness picnic. It was so wonderful seeing BatMan, Spiderman, Tinkerbell, Princess Anna & Queen Elsa, Snow White, Captain America and several others. It’s been three years and 12 events later and I still love hearing the delightful squeals of the children (and the adults) as they see one of their favorite superheroes or princesses. They all have such a fun, caring, sense of demeanor that brings such joy to our children, parents, and volunteers. They make our events so special and I can’t imagine having an event without them. FDSWF loves the MUCH Foundation!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Down Syndrome, Tampa

Ann Foyt

310.jpgAs a TV news anchor and reporter, my job is to tell stories about ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. But what the people of the MUCH Foundation do to change the lives of a sick child, and their family goes BEYOND extraordinary. It’s downright magic.

From dozens of volunteers tirelessly and selflessly spending hundreds of hours orchestrating a surprise Batman Cave for a terminally ill little boy, to designing a custom Green Lantern costume for a young girl who has just had open heart surgery. This group eats, sleeps and BREATHES compassion and caring. It has been an honor and a privilege to tell their story.

The relationship I have with the MUCH Foundation goes beyond telling a story. One of the best experiences of my life was transforming into Wonder Woman alongside the MUCH Foundation superheroes to pass out toys to the sickest children at a local hospital. To give the gift of hope and joy to a child who may have not had any is a powerful thing.

For that, I stand with the MUCH Foundation. Because they are, indeed real life superheroes.

TV News Anchor/Reporter

Dion Lim